Devil’s Kin

Devil’s Kin

Medicine Show

Devil’s Kin is comprised of local Tallahassee musicians Sean Christopher Aultman and Sean Christopher Gorman… not quite brothers, but close enough…

The two quasi-siblings met in 2005 and bonded over the weird name thing… but also over a shared interest in a myriad of musical styles falling into that oh-so-lovely genre of Americana. Having both played in local Americana groups (Sean G was in the band Tom Sawyer River Trash, Sean A was in the bluegrass quintet The Bluegrasswholes) the two eventually ended up having the opportunity to meld Americana with more electric, indie, punk, and roots rock sounds in the Tallahassee band, Me and the Devil. After having the opportunity to play many amazingly strumtrillescent shows with this band, the two Sean Christopher-mans decided to form a new group and continue to progress in the acoustic/electric vein of Alternative Americana.

And thus Devil’s Kin was born in 2011.

During Devil’s Kin first show the two gentleman found out upon arrival that they had been tasked with building the dressing room for a troupe of local drag queens set to perform immediately after the Sean-ee-boys finished playing… unsure of whether this was a divine sign or simply bad luck the two moved on from there to play more local shows, open-mics, and general hoot-nannies around town.

Devil’s Kin seek to fuse elements of classic American genres including the more acoustic-centric genres of folk, bluegrass, ragtime, country blues, and old-time string band with the more electric-oriented sounds and no-holds-barred attitude of garage rock, punk, blues, and even a little surf. The duo seeks to engage listeners in a shared, communal, musical experience because they believe that music is not a passive event, but an intensely active experience. So if you come out to a show and feel the need to tap your foot, get up on the tables and dance, clap your hands, pound the floor, drum on a chair, sing in spontaneous four-part harmony, or hell, even curse and throw tomatoes at us… let it all happen.