Alex Smith

Alex has been doing camera work for almost 7 years. He also manages the website, loves computers, and has a degree in Electrical Engineering

The Witness Room is an independently run studio in Tallahassee, Florida. We are music lovers first, and everything else second. Thankfully, with the increased affordability of audio and video equipment, we are able to document amazing musical performances and share them with the world. We saw an opportunity that has never been available to mere kids like us, and we are thrilled to be able to take it! The Witness Room idea developed over the spring and summer of 2012.

We already knew a bit about audio from recording our own projects and had a decent background in photography, but then we became obsessed with online video series like From the Basement, Tiny Desk Concerts, Cemetery Gates, Live From Abbey Road, and countless other smaller productions. Hours and days that should have been spent studying for school were instead spent studying these videos. Eventually that expanded to our own attempts at creating videos.

We had a lot of help from friends who agreed to be our test subjects, and we are incredibly grateful for their patience as problems were solved and workflows were figured out. Slowly but surely, our work got better and better and our team evolved. It’s been a fun and immensely rewarding process, and we are excited to see just how far we can take the project!

Stephen Holzman

The effect music and film has on people has fascinated Stephen since he was a child. He plays a long list of instruments, loves cycling, and has a degree in Economics.